Families Together is committed to paying a living wage to our staff while being financially accessible to families of different means. Annual tuition is based upon a sliding scale relative to a family’s income level. The following is the tuition schedule for 2018-2019. Families applying for future school years can expect a reasonable increase in tuition.


Why does Families Together have sliding scale tuition?

Sliding scale tuition puts our commitment to accessibility and diversity up front, with transparency and clarity. It allows us to maintain a socio-economic diverse student population and has created a school culture that embraces the understanding that some families pay more while others pay less so that EVERYONE can access an exceptional preschool experience.

Even with sliding scale, Families Together tuition is out of reach for my family. Do you offer any additional financial aid?

Yes, additional financial aid is available each year. To apply, contact our Business Manager at businessmanager@ftcns.org.

Why does Families Together cost what it costs?

Each year our staff and board work hard to keep overhead low, while ensuring that every child has highly experienced, caring, passionate, and educated teachers. To attract and retain great teachers, Families Together pays salaries that are benchmarked at roughly 70% of public school teaching salaries and offers health benefits to all of our employees. In a world in which early childhood educators are often paid so little that they have to rely on public assistance, we are committed to a different model that values the incredible professionals who devote themselves to our students.