Presidents/Executive Committee Chairs: Aisha Noble & Anne Raih

Role: Serves as the chair of the Board of Directors and supports the Director in leading the school to fulfill its mission and goals.

Aisha Noble: I am an Edgewater native and my husband, Gus, a native of Duns, Scotland. Our son, Bobby, will be a Maple, Dandelion and Lunch Buncher this school year and we recently welcomed a new baby boy named Langston in January. When I’m not baby wrangling I’m a political junkie, amateur genealogist and karaoke fan.

Anne Raih: I am very excited to be returning to the FTCNS board for a second year. I am originally from Colorado and have lived in Chicago for ten years and Edgewater for three. I have two children. Augie, my oldest, is four and will be in Oaks and Dandelions this year. I also have a two-year-old named Will who is not quite old enough for preschool yet. I enjoy books, music, art and film, and spending time outdoors.

Treasurer: Mark Emmler

Role: Serves as the short- and long-range financial planner for the school and oversees the schoolʼs budget and financial transactions.

I live by Lakewood and Berwyn. This is my second year at FTCNS. I have two children. My oldest, Kidri, was in Willows and will be in Oaks this year. My youngest, Riles, is home with me still. I aspire to gain artistic metalworking skills.

Secretary: Amanda McClintock

Role: Provides administrative support for the Director and Business Manager.

This is our second year at FTCNS with our one and only who will be in Maples and Dandelions. I love languages (speak fluent Japanese) and taught ESL for over 15 years. I love music, especially live shows, and have been playing the drums since I was 12 years old. I have recently taken up taiko again, Japanese drumming, and hope to keep up with it among the busyness of parenting.

Human Resources Committee Chair: Emily Ardell

Role: Oversees and coordinates the school’s human resources.

This will be our fourth year at FTCNS. Our daughter Annie (an FTCNS Alum) is now in first grade at Peirce and our son Miles was a Willow and will be an Oak next year. We live around the corner from the school and FTCNS has become such an important part of our lives and our wider Edgewater community.

Family and Staff Support Committee Chair: Kaylan O’Hara

Role: Organizes resources, activities and events to support the needs of school families and staff.

I live in Edgewater just a few blocks from FTCNS with my husband Dan and my two boys – Grady and Bodie. Grady is entering his second year at FTCNS and is so excited to “graduate” from Junipers into the Willows class! He is also thrilled to join Lunch Bunch. We love hanging out at the lake and all the local parks, as well as heading to Wrigley for a Cubs game every now and then.

Fundraising Committee Chair: Stephanie Zangrilli

Role: Oversees and coordinates the school’s fundraising and development efforts.

This will be our third year at FTCNS. Nilo, our four year old, was a Willow and will be in Oaks this year. We also have another son Enzo who is 18 months and we are due with a girl early October. I enjoy cooking and traveling.

Long-Range Planning Committee Chair: Shana Heller-Ogden

Role: Oversees and coordinates the school’s long-range planning efforts.

This is our family’s second year at FTNCS. Our son Peter is a 2-day Juniper this year, and our daughter, Jane, was a Maple and a Dandelion last year. We live in Edgewater, right behind Gethsemane Garden Center, and we love to play outside whenever we can!

Marketing, Media and Design Committee Chair: Erin English Bailey

Role: Oversees and coordinates school marketing, public relations, and outreach to prospective families.

This will be our FIFTH year at FTCNS! Our second child, Lennie, will be in Maples and big brother and alumnus, Linus, will be in first grade in CPS. We live in West Ridge. I have far too many interests and hobbies for my own good, but sewing clothing is my current joy.

Program Review Committee Chair: Margaret Waugh

Role: Oversees and coordinates program review—the process through which the school evaluates the extent to which it is meeting goals for the educational, administrative, and cooperative aspects of the program.

I am a clinical social worker with a private practice in Lincoln Square. I live in Albany Park with my husband and our two sons. Our oldest son just finished his first and (unfortunately) only year at FTCNS and our youngest will be a 3-day Juniper. I enjoy gardening, reading, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family.

Social Committee Chair: Wendy Herman

Role: Oversees and coordinates class and all-school social events.

Henry was born in Los Angeles but we (Henry, myself, his dad Daniel, and our beagle Tyson) moved to Atlanta when he was 6 months old. This March 2019, we moved to Ravenswood and we’re loving it so far! Henry has been attending Waldorf preschool for the past year so this will be our first year at FTCNS and we’re really looking forward to it. Henry will be in the Maples and Dandelions classes with Lunch Bunch on Fridays. Henry loves to play drums and I sing and play the ukulele, so we love playing and listening to music together. We hope to hit up as many outdoor concerts this summer as possible too!

Board Member At Large: Ana Carolina Arevalo

Role: This board member does not run a committee but rather focuses on a special project.

It’s my first year at FTCNS. My daughter will be a Juniper. She’s my first and only (but she does have an older step-brother). I love to read, bike, and eat food from all around the world. I also like to cook. My latest effort was Indian Butter Chicken.

Board Member At Large: Andi Friedman

Role: This board member does not run a committee but rather focuses on a special project.

We moved to Norwood Street in July. This September our oldest, Mari, will start as a Juniper 3-day (her baby sister Rachel is 4 months old). My work and passion is women’s rights and I spend a lot of my time on boards and organizing for that.

Board Member At Large: Vic Herrera

Role: This board member does not run a committee but rather focuses on a special project.

We live in Uptown. Guillermo is going into his second year. We have added a daughter to our family this summer. I bike all year round (draw the line at -20 windchill). I have been active in various types of  volunteer community work since my 20’s and we currently show free films at my local park.

Board Member At Large: Kelly Mitchell

Role: This board member does not run a committee but rather focuses on a special project.

I live in Edgewater with my wife and 2.5 year old daughter (plus a son just born). This is our first year at FTCNS and our daughter will be joining the Junipers two day class. Between work, grad school, and parenting I don’t have a ton of time for hobbies, but I love cooking and music.

Board Member At Large: Brianna Rodriguez

Role: This board member does not run a committee but rather focuses on a special project.

This will be our second year with FTCNS and we couldn’t be happier! Our daughter is excited to go to school everyday and is looking forward to being a Willow. We live in West Ridge but love spending time in the school’s neighborhood, one we called home for many years before recently moving.

Board Member At Large: Richard Wanzo

Role: This board member does not run a committee but rather focuses on a special project.

I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois just east of St. Louis which instilled me with values that I’m still proud of today. I graduated from Illinois State University and have lived in Chicago now for over 25 years. My family is in the Andersonville neighborhood which we have enjoyed for 8 years. This will be our 5th year attending FTCNS. With my lovely wife, Nicole, we have two children – Otto (who is 7 and attends Peirce and is a former FTCNS graduate) and Azalea (our 4-year-old who will be in her third year at FTCNS). Azalea will be attending the Oaks class this year. I enjoy sports, the outdoors and more importantly, spending time with my family.