During this time of unprecedented crisis, FTCNS staff, parent leaders, and families have done what we do best–we have come together.

  • We have learned to joyfully gather and learn virtually while still deeply feeling the profound loss of actual time in each other’s physical presence.
  • We have formed an incredible crisis task force of staff, board members, and parents to help us chart a creative, responsive, equity-centered, and sustainable course forward.
  • We have checked in, kept meal trains going, prepared and delivered care packages, had long wistful chats over the phone, and left chalk messages of hope and inspiration for each other.

We have also recognized that we, as individuals, families, and an institution, will not weather this crisis without losses and wounds, some of which are already happening and some which are yet to come.

Here is what we know now:

  • While all families are struggling with the effects of COVID-19, some FTCNS families have been hit particularly hard by total job loss or major income reduction. Families who are facing this level of financial crisis need our help.
  • When we joyfully return to being together–whenever that is once again possible–we will need to be ready to commit financial resources to offering much smaller classes, extending our school year, and developing more extensive cleaning, hygiene, and space usage protocols.

There is no doubt that our cooperative is up for the challenge. We will weather this storm and will be around to provide a cooperative, play-based education to young children for decades to come. We will stay committed to retaining our incredible teachers. We will not waver from our mission of making FTCNS accessible to families at all income levels. But to get through the current and ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we will need an unprecedented level of financial support.

The goal of our spring campaign is to raise $20,000 to support the following initiatives:

  • helping families in need afford an FTCNS education.
  • offsetting some of the losses we are experiencing from having to take a modified approach to our typical spring fundraisers.
  • beginning to seed a COVID-19 Relief Fund that will allow us to emerge from this crisis still able to provide the highest quality cooperative early childhood experience to Chicago families.

Thank you in advance for considering what you can give!

All donations, of any size, are tax-deductible and deeply appreciated. Donations accepted via: check to FTCNS (1500 W. Elmdale Ave., Chicago, IL 60660); Chase QuickPay/Zelle to businessmanager@ftcns.org; PayPal, Venmo or credit card here: